With time, different abnormalities appear on your skin and you might not be comfortable with them. Right now, there are many scientific procedures that can be used to solve these problems. Spider veins or varicose veins, both, are something that might make people uncomfortable. To treat them, a process is present and it is called Sclerotherapy. This process is minimally invasive and the doctor would only inject the patient with a chemical. The chemicals used in this process are called sclerosing agents. These agents are injected into the veins that have been damaged.

When veins are bulging and can be seen on the skin, they are called varicose veins. During scleropathy, a chemical is injected into these veins and it helps in collapsing the blood vessel lining. On the other hand, spider veins are smaller in size and they are not as severe. Women suffer more from these problems as compared to men. Statistics have shown that 20% of the people get varicose veins at some time in their lifetime. It is not that varicose veins only cause an appearance abnormality. They also lead to irritation and pain. This is why a process is needed to block these veins.

What is Asclera?

Asclera is a sclerosing agent that is given during Scleropathy. The mechanism of this injection is that it dilates veins and leads to blood clot formation. This injection is used for the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins. There is a certain diameter of varicose veins that this injection can treat, approximately less than 3mm. Also, it is important to know that this treatment is not permanent and the effects would fade away after some time.

Which areas can Asclera Treat?

There are several areas of the body that are most compatible with Asclera treatment. These include feet and legs. The veins in these areas are raised and swollen. Since they are deep inside the skin, they can make you uncomfortable. Spider veins are not as deep as they are closer to the skin’s surface. They appear in different colors like red, blue or purple. Moreover, they’re smaller in size.

Asclera is useful for the treatment of such veins in anus, calves, thighs and feet. Some people might also get it done for their face, such as on the nose sides.

How does Asclera work?

Treatment with Asclera takes about 15 to 60 minutes. Depending on which area of the body you are getting the treatment for, the time and position would be different. For example, if you are getting it done for your legs, you would have to elevate your legs for the whole procedure. Sometimes, the doctor might also conduct an ultrasound to see how far under the skin this problem is.

  • First of all, the doctor will clean the area that is around these veins.
  • Using a needle, the doctor will administer the sclerosing injection to the site of veins.
  • When the injection is given, it will go deep into the skin layers and into the vein walls.

This solution only starts the process while your body does the rest. What it does is that it completely shuts off the spider or varicose vein. Then the blood supply of this vein goes to another vein that is not affected. Soon, your body will absorb this blocked or shut vein and its appearance will fade. The number of treatments that you need to get will depend on the region of treatment and how bad the problem is. Some people might even need four treatments to get the final results from Asclera.

Do You Need to Prepare?

Before any kind of skin procedure, there are some preparation steps. First of all, you have to talk to a health care provider. It is not always suitable for you to get any surgical or cosmetic procedure done. Talking to a professional would allow you to determine if you can or should get Asclera injections.

Once you are approved for the procedure, you have to make some changes to your routine. Before the surgery, you should avoid using drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin. This would ensure that there is minimal bruising during or after the procedure. Also, since this process is for the legs, you should not shave your legs before getting the procedure done as this would help in reducing irritation. It is advised that you have a compression stocking at hand. Wearing things for a few days after Asclera injection would keep you comfortable.

If you have any medical issues like skin diseases or bleeding disorders, let your healthcare provider know. Moreover, it is advised that you do not apply a lotion or cream to your legs a few days before the procedure. The chemicals in these things can cause irritation if they come in contact with the Asclera solution.

Recovery after Asclera Injection

As soon as you are done with the procedure, you can continue your daily activities. There is not a lot of time involved in recovery. For the first day after the injection, wear a compression stocking for the whole day. After that, wear the stocking in the day time and remove it before going to bed.

In case there is any discomfort, you can use Tylenol. It is advised that you only use acetaminophen pain killers. Taking NSAIDs affects the blood clotting in treated veins so they should not be used. For the few days following the procedure, you should stay out of the sun and should not swim or take a hot bath. Furthermore, you should do mild exercises and stay active so that blood clots do not form. In some cases, the doctor might tell you not to fly after the procedure for a few days. Remember not to do strenuous exercises such as weight lifting.

What are the Side Effects of Asclera?

Even though it is a minimally invasive process, it can have side effects and some risks. During the procedure, you might experience pain if the solution travels to regions surrounding the varicose or spider veins. Also, you will experience burning or cramping in this region. There are some common side effects of this process, such as discomfort, swelling, discoloration of the skin and red areas that appear raised.

In some cases, brown lines appear near the area of injection and they are supposed to subside in six months or less. They might, however, not subside at all and become permanent. If your healthcare provider is not trained or professional enough, you could experience some serious side effects too.

  • It is possible that you might be allergic to the sclerosis solution and it will lead to an allergic reaction.
  • Ulcers can form on the skin around the site of injection.
  • Blood clots could form in the varicose or spider veins that are being treated.
  • The skin might get inflamed, leading to mild discomfort in the region.

Although the common side effects go away after a while, the severe ones tend to stay longer. It is best that you stay in touch with your doctor so that he or she can advise you in case things get severe.

What is the cost of Asclera?

The cost of this treatment depends on where you live, the size of veins and how many veins need to be treated. Before you get the treatment done, you can ask around or talk to different clinics about their costs. On average, it is expected to cost up to $400.

Since it is still a cosmetic process, might not cover it. However, in cases, where your varicose veins are leading to a bigger health issue, might cover the cost of Asclera. So, get information about what your cover or you would have to pay from your own pocket.

Final Word

While Asclera can surely help in reducing pain and discomfort, you should be realistic about its effects. You cannot expect the appearance of the veins to go away forever simply. They will be visible but not as prominent as they were before. It is essential to remember that the treatment takes time and you will start seeing noticeable results in about four to five months. Consult with your healthcare provider and he or she will help you find if you are the right candidate or not. If you are, then go ahead and make your life a little easier and comfortable.