Juvederm Voluma in Houston Texas

Juvederm & Voluma

With age, the facial contours and structure suffer as the fibrous protein levels in the skin drop. People who are unable to make peace with these signs of aging tend to go for facial fillers or other surgical methods. As a cosmetic treatment, Juvederm is basically a filler. It is used for restoring the facial contours that have deteriorated with age.

Along with that, it also helps in improving other signs that are on the skin due to aging. Like most other fillers, Juvederm is also injectable. This is a good procedure for anyone who wants to take a non-surgical method to face improvement.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid, like other dermal fillers. Juvederm is actually a brand name while there are other products in its family.

Different products in this family are aimed at improving signs from different parts of the face. Not only are the injections given into different regions of the skin, but the depth of these injections also differs.

Where Is Juvederm Given?

As mentioned earlier, Juvederm in Houston is available for different parts of the face. Most of the times, Juvederm treatment is given in these regions:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Around the mouth
  • Around the nose

How To Prepare For Juvederm?

There isn’t a strict protocol for preparing for this treatment, but you have to take a few important steps. First of all, consult your doctor about the kind of Juvederm treatment you need. You have to let the doctor know about your expectations from this treatment and then the doctor would be able to suggest the best treatment method.

You would not have to prepare much as your treatment might be on the same day as the consultation. This is because Juvederm does not even require a lot of preparation by the doctor either, as it is minimally invasive. When you go to the doctor, make sure to tell him or her about the medicines you are taking.

A few weeks before the treatment, you must avoid drinking alcohol and stop smoking. These things help in minimizing the risk of bruising as a result of the treatment. If you have any allergies, especially skin allergies, let your doctor know about them

How Does Juvederm treatment Work?

The working of Juvederm treatment is quite simple: it helps in increasing the volume in different facial regions. The ingredient present in it, hyaluronic acid, brings volume to cheeks, lips and mouth region. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body too. It helps in strengthening the connections between different fibrous proteins in the skin. with age, the production of hyaluronic acid in the body is decreased and the skin starts to sag. With this treatment, the hyaluronic acid production is replenished and the skin regains its plumpness.

  1. Before giving the injection, the doctor would mark the area of treatment with a pen.
  2. Then, he or she will inject Juvederm filler into the marked region.
  3. After that, they will massage the injection region so that the ingredients of the injection can spread evenly into the surrounding regions.

This process takes around 20 to 60 minutes. If the area to be treated is bigger, more time is needed. However, if the area to be treated is smaller, the process will be done in about 15 minutes

Types of Juvederm

There are different Juvederm procedures in the same family and they are all aimed at improving different facial regions. Here are the different kinds of treatments in the Juvederm family.

Juvederm Voluma Xc

This treatment helps in cheek enhancement. If you have hollow cheeks and you want to add volume underneath the cheek skin to increase plumpness, this is the treatment for you.

Juvederm Xc

This treatment helps in making up for the lack of elasticity in the skin. During your lifetime, smile lines form on the skin and this treatment fills them up to make the skin look even.

Juvederm Vollure Xc

Just like Juvederm XC, this treatment also targets the wrinkles and smile lines on the skin around the nose and mouth region.

Juvederm Volbella Xc

This treatment works as a lip filler enhancement.

Juvederm Ultra Xc

This treatment method in the Juvederm family is also a lip filler. It is ideal for people who want to take a non-surgical approach to lip filling.

Side Effects Of Juvederm

The side effects of Juvederm, normally, do not last longer than a month. After getting the procedure done, you will experience tenderness, redness and minor pain in the injection region. Other than this, you might even have some itching or bumps might form in that region. This should subside in about three to four weeks.

In some cases, the side effects might be very severe. If your treatment is being done by an unprofessional individual, there is a higher risk of grave side effects. The injection might be given into your blood vessel and this could lead to stroke, blindness and even permanent scarring in the region. Injections in the blood vessels are also associated with vision abnormalities. It is essential that you go to a trained individual who knows what he or she is doing.

Recovery After Juvederm

For Juvederm treatment lasts only for about half an hour, there is not much you need to do afterward. Most patients recover very quickly. It is advised that you limit your usage of alcohol and go out in the Sunless often, a few weeks following the treatment. Alcohol usage for a day after the treatment is prohibited. Do not indulge in extensive exercise post-treatment. Depending on the Juvederm treatment you have opted for, the effects could last from six months to two years. Normally, the effects appear shortly or it might take a few days for you to notice them.

Cost Of  Juvederm

The cost of Juvederm depends on how many injections you need and where you are getting your treatment from. Geographical locations also play a role in determining the cost of the treatment. On average, a single injection would cost around $750. Depending on how many injections you need or how many areas need to be treated, the cost will change. Your health will not cover the cost of Juvederm as it is a cosmetic surgery, which is an elective procedure.

Juvedermvoluma: What Is It For?

One of the most commonly used treatment methods in the Juvederm family is Voluma. This treatment method is for adding lift to the cheeks and chin. Right now, it is the only non-surgical procedure approved by the FDA for facial lift. Volume is only for cheeks and cannot be used for the mouth region or under the eyes.

As compared to Juvederm, Voluma injection is thicker in consistency. This is why it has an uplifting effect on the skin. After the Volume treatment, you will experience tenderness and pain in the region. This can be subsided with pain killers. Sometimes, doctors use topical anesthetics to reduce the sensation of pain and discomfort.

To get the best results from Voluma treatment, the doctor would suggest you get two injections a month apart. The results would last for up to two years.