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Thigh Lift Surgery or Thighplasty

After body weight fluctuations, the thighs have a tendency to accumulate excess skin and fatty tissue that cannot be corrected without surgery. A medical thigh lift will remove tissue in the upper one third of the leg. The incision is confined to the groin in the leg crease. If redundant tissue extends further down the leg, an incision in the medial aspect of the thigh downward to the knee can be added. It will run downward to the knee to address the areas of excess tissue.

Is Thigh Lift Surgery Suitable?

Thigh lift is done when your thighs get flabby and fatty. There are two types of thigh lift, Inner & outer thigh lift. When your thighs get weighted and skin gets loose, you must go for a thigh lift surgery as it will help you stretch your skin and make it more beautiful & remove unwanted fat. Thigh lift recovery in a scarless way can be done too.

How Thigh Lift is performed?

The thighs are notoriously tough to tone. In particular, once they possess cussed pockets of undesirable fats that refuse to budge, no matter how much you workout, they won’t just go away. Whilst this happens, a thigh lift with Dr. Robert Peterson can tighten and slenderize your thighs, providing you with sculpted legs you may wait to show off.

When Should You go for Thigh Lift?

To be taken into consideration, for this procedure, you must be at a solid weight, due to the fact losing and gaining weight will affect your outcomes. You should additionally be dedicated to a healthy weight-reduction plan and exercise plan, as those lifestyle selections will make which you’re able to preserve your new look inside the lengthy-time period. As long as you meet those requirements, there’s a very good risk that a thigh lift with Dr. Robert Peterson can provide you with the sculpted and defined legs you’ve initially wanted.

Thigh Lift Recovery

After your thigh lift, you need to plan to stay home for at least two to three weeks as your thigs heal. All through the first week, your movement shall be significantly limited, and as such you have to have a friend or member of the family live with you to assist & take care of your youngsters, put together meals and carry out your routine daily responsibilities.

Thigh Lift Scars

During thigh lift recovery, you could count on to some swelling and bruising, which may be alleviated via applying ice frequently to the surgical location. At the same time as you ought to avoid strenuous interest, it’s vital to take quick and smooth walks across the place, as soon as possible, to promote healing. You’ll additionally receive a unique compression garment to preserve your new thighs in the region and ensure a most desirable end result.

Inner Thigh Lift

Inner Thigh Lift, or an internal thighplasty, is a completely popular and usually performed form of beauty surgical operation for individuals whose choice is thinner, firmer inner thighs. Dr. Robert Peterson consistently voted “Best Plastic Surgeon” in Houston & The Woodlands by using the best inner thigh lift surgery.

Outer Thigh Lift

Outer thigh lift aim is to bolster the hip and outer thigh. The movement requires shifting the leg away from the midline of the body. Lie to your proper facet with right arm prolonged out directly, head resting on the arm. It will make your skin look tighter and fresher.


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