IDEAL Implants Houston

IDEAL Implants Houston

What is Ideal Breast Implants?

The Ideal breast implant has now been approved by the FDA for general use. This implant is a unique saline filled implant in a device shell that contains two chambers. Within the largest chamber, there is a series of baffles or septa, which direct the flow of saline through the chamber. This results in a firmer feel of the implant similar to that of a silicone gel implant. This also gives structure to the implant which imparts excellent upper pole fullness to the breasts in which they are implanted.

I am an original FDA investigator of their implant. No other implant that I have used over the pasty forty five years has given lasting fullness to the upper portion of the breast that this implant gives. This is in part to the upper chamber being filled on a stiffer lower or posterior chamber that rests in the normal implant position. This gives the implant a natural, full, and youthful breast appearance. For women who have concerns about silicone gel implants in their body or simply desire a lasting full filled shape, the Ideal implant is an excellent new alternative in breast augmentation.

What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy Bear Implants are the latest form of Breast Implants which consists of silicone breast implants. They are called Gummy Bear Implants because just like Gummy Bear does, likewise, using more of a substance called a “crosslinker” in the silicone gel.

Natural Look & Feel

Gummy Bear or Ideal Implants Houston, you get the most natural look & feel out of it. Unlike other surgical procedures, this surgery looks more prominent and gives a modeling look for you. Gummy Bears come in various shapes, and sizes to ensure the natural look and feel you want.

Is Ideal Implants & Gummy Bear Implants Safe?

Yes, these surgical procedures are 99.9% safe. These form of implants don’t freckle, get wrinkled or get old. Reports say that its Silimed-brand Gummy Bear implants have a 3-year rupture rate of only 2 to 2.5%. So, as being said, you are safe to go for Gummy Bear Implants in Houston by Dr. Robert Peterson.

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