Cosmetic treatments require needles for injecting a solution into the face, legs, arms or other parts of the body. One of the problems with these needles is that there can be traumatic aftereffects of using such a sharp needle. So, there was a need for needles that do not cause traumatic effects. Dermasculpt made such needles and they are commonly used for cosmetic treatments, in good clinics, now. These needles are much better as compared to the previous ones used in cosmetic procedures.

What is Dermasculpt Microcannula?

Dermasculpt microcannula is a needle that has a blunt tip and is flexible in nature. The best part about this needle is that it is a traumatic, which means that the patient would not have any symptoms of trauma after being injected with the needle. For various cosmetic treatments, the doctors need to reach different places and flexibility of this needle allows this. Since they are flexible, they can be injected deeper into the skin.

The most acclaimed feature of Dermasculpt is that it has a blunt tip. This tip does not cut through blood vessels or nerves so it is much safer than the sharp tips used in previously used injections. Doctors, these days, are using these tips on the skin as they do not cause injury.

A common side effect of most cosmetic treatments is bruising and swelling. With the use of Dermasculpt, these side effects are reduced. This needle is much safer and does not cause as much pain as the sharp needles. Moreover, it significantly decreases bruising in cosmetic procedures.

What do the Doctors say about Dermasculpt?

Doctors are very satisfied with Dermasculpt needles and more and more clinics are using them now. According to a survey, 4.8 out of 5 doctors prefer using this blunt-end needle or the older sharper needles. The reason why doctors tend to prefer this needle is that they are aware of its benefits and superiority over conventional needles.

Benefits of Dermasculpt

Many healthcare professionals have adopted the use of Dermasculpt because this needle has plenty of benefits. It does not only make injections safer and more comfortable for the patient, but it also prevents harmful side effects that are often seen in cosmetic treatments.

No risk of Necrosis

Necrosis refers to cell death and it is a side effect of cosmetic treatments. Often, the doctor might inject the solution with a sharp needle and it can induce cell death in the region. With Dermasculpt, this risk is eradicated.

No Blindness

In some cosmetic treatments, the injection is given close to the eyes or under the eyes. Due to this, there is a risk of blindness, especially if a sharp needle is used. Nowadays, doctors use Dermasculpt because they know it eliminates the risk of blindness.

Stimulates Collagen Production

Cosmetic treatments are for your skin and skin has a huge network of fibrous proteins in it. Sharp needles can cut through this network and reduce collagen levels. On the contrary, Dermasculpt does not only keep the skin protected from such damage, but also plays a role in collagen stimulation.

Single Entry Point

There is a single entry point for this needle so it offers wider coverage while minimizing invasion. This is why it has become a favorite among surgeons. Patients also prefer getting injected with needles that are minimally invasive as these have lesser side effects and better coverage.

No Bruising

People who get cosmetic treatments done will have to live for bruising for a few days following their procedure. This is due to sharp needles. When doctors use the microcannula, this side effect is eliminated.

Less Painful

Getting injected is always painful, but the pain can be reduced. This needle did not cause the same level of pain as sharper needles used in the past.

Are the Results the same as Dermasculpt?

Yes, the results of treatment with Dermasculpt are the same as conventional needles. Doctors report getting consistent results with the use of this needle and they also say that the solution or chemical spread easily and quickly through the skin when given through this needle. Also, there is little or no downtime which means that the patients can go back to their daily routines in no time. When patients learn that they do not need to go through a recovery period and they can just resume their social life, they tend to be happier with the results.

Why is Dermasculpt better than Conventional Needles?

This microcannula is much better than conventional sharp needles for many reasons. First of all, the results are much more accurate as the flexibility of the cannula allows the doctor to work freely. Also, when the doctor injects using a cannula, the blood vessels are pushed aside to make room for the cannula instead of being pierced through.

Moreover, there is no bruising, which is something all patients love. If the surgeon uses this needle correctly, you will not even experience any pain. In most cases, there is no need for anesthesia even. Just like bruising, swelling in the region is also reduced with the use of Dermasculpt cannula. Since the needle has single-point entry, the doctor does not need to puncture the skin multiple times. In just one or two punctures, the solution will spread to the entire region as the cannula has a wider each in tissues.

Final Words

When you are looking for a healthcare professional doing any kind of cosmetic treatment on your face, you should definitely ask him or her if they are using Dermasculpt. This would be better for your health and would reduce recovery time. Thus, you can even use this as a measure of determining the quality of the clinic you are going to. All high-quality clinics have upgraded to microcannula injections so if a clinic is offering you this option, then you should consider that clinic a high-end one. If this is the case, then you should seize this opportunity and go to that particular healthcare professional.

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