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DermaSculpt Injections

I am pleased to offer Derma Sculpt blunt tipped micro cannulas to inject all fillers. Widely used in Europe and our west coast, the small 25 gauge cannula moves easily through the facial structures in an almost painless fashion. Precise filling of areas superficial and deep can be more easily accomplished. Treatments are less painful to the patient and because the cannula is blunt and not a sharp needle, it has less chance for bruising post-treatment. With the simple application of ice to the local area pretreatment, the introduction of the cannula is easy and greatly diminishes the number of “needle sticks”. You will be amazed at the difference the DERMASCUPLT micro cannula makes and you will never want conventional needle injection again! Virtually all areas of the face and lips can now be enhanced by office injections not requiring surgical procedures.

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