Difference between Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

Difference between Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants

Being confident of your personality and looks may lead you to the finest living experience. Traditionally, it is observed that women feel unsure of their appearance and desire a younger look. To enhance their looks they may opt for some type of breast enhancement procedure. Before choosing any of these procedures, you need to evaluate the right options for you. With a little information, your confusion about breast augmentation, breast implants, and their difference will be cleared.

In general, both these procedures are considered as the same – but there is more nuance to these procedures to consider.

Breast Augmentation

In terms of public perception, the term “augmentation” is tied closely to the restorative procedure that can reconstruct lost breast tissues and not purely cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery that involves the insertion of saline or silicone implants in the breast to get a fuller or larger breast.

Breast Implants

The term “breast implants” is generally considered a cosmetic procedure that involves a drastic amount of change in breast volume. This is commonly believed that women who have sagging breast, small breast, or breast that have less volume opt for these implants. To achieve specific aesthetic goals, these procedures involve few more decisions such as type of implants (saline, silicone, gummy), the shape of implants (teardrop or round). In addition, the placements of implants (below or above the pectoral muscle) also play an important role.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants, as the name refers, are filled with a gel (silicone). Although many women praise these implants for mimicking real breasts and do not deflate even if a leak occurs.

Saline Implants

Women who prefer implants constructed with natural materials or whom wants to avoid silicone for some medical reason opt for these implants. As the name implies, these implants are filled with sterilized salt water. To achieve optimal symmetry, these implants are placed as empty shells initially then gradually filled with saline gel to achieve desired breast volume and optimal symmetry is achieved. This approach allows you to have the customized appearance you want to have an easy leak detection.

Gummy Bear Implants

The newest market entrant is much talked about these days, as they are most known for their stable form. These cohesive gel implants retain their shape at all times and offer shape retention for a longer period. In case, the implant shell breaks, the thick inside remains immobile. Even doctors say that once these implants are in place they are less likely to shift.

Round Implants

When talked about the breast shape, round implants are the most popular among women who feel their breasts are out of proportion with their body or look deflated. These are effectively squashed spheroids and have a consistent shape all over. They are a great choice for anybody who desires to achieve a high placement and fuller breast.

Teardrop Implant

Teardrop implants are anatomical breast implants offering excellent projects and a great choice for those who desire a more natural look. They are narrower at the top and contour down into the full bottom half.

Which procedure is right for you?

Since both procedures share many common factors and are pretty much the same things, it can be a little tricky to decide the one that’s right for you. Personal preference is a notable difference between the two still leaves a loop for some factors to be considered to achieve your aesthetic goals. However, some instances in which each label takes precedence over the other are discussed below.

Desired Outcome

Your aesthetic goals are the most significant consideration. Either your desired outcome is to increase breast size, correct breast shape or you want to achieve both. Augmentation is likely a better fit for you if you want to improve the overall shape or breast firmness and increase your breast size. On the other hand, implants are a much better option if you want to increase breast size only.


Reconstructive Needs

Your reconstructive need may lead you to lean towards augmentation, as it may be able to save partial breast tissues instead of implants. For example, breast cancer survivors feel more comfortable while opting for augmentation because it restores a more natural-looking breast, while implants might feel an inaccurate way due to its drastic effects.

Personal Preference

While concerning a sensitive area of your body your preferred results are a major factor to be considered. Many women might feel the sense to be subtle or discrete about their aesthetic procedures so that attention isn’t drawn to their results.

However, both these procedures can be done in a way that mimics the look and feel of the natural breast. However, if you don’t want to use any unrealistic or foreign materials to alter your breast shape or size that you might feel comfortable going for augmentation.


Reasons to opt for breast enhancement procedures 

Achieve Asymmetry

It is very common for every woman to have asymmetrical breast, whether in size, shape, or areole appearance and it is not bothersome or particularly noticeable. However, at times this asymmetry is noticeable and makes them feel conscious about their appearance. Both implants and augmentation can support achieving even or symmetrical breasts.

Rejuvenate Breast look

As we age with time, our skin experiences volume loss all over the body – it can also occur to breast tissue causing the bosom to look sag and add strain to the back and shoulder. This can leave women conscious of their appearance. To reverse this aging effect and rejuvenate breast appearance, breast augmentation is the best option to tighten the skin in order to achieve a firmer and tauter appearance.

Restore Pre-Pregnancy Breast

During pregnancy and post-pregnancy time, that follows breastfeeding, the size of the breast increases as mammary glands produce milk. After breastfeeding, however, the milk supply will dry up and breasts typically become looser and appear to be flattened. This may cause you to feel conscious about your looks and appearance.

If no further pregnancies are expected, these procedures are a good way to the plump breast to their pre-pregnancy fullness.